About Us

ExecuTrain of Long Island (ETLI) offers instructor led classes integrating the three major components of business:

  • business communication
  • productivity
  • technological proficiency

ETLI delivers the training allowing your company to achieve goals in an independent and cost-effective manner, building a strong foundation for success.

Your company, with training from ETLI, can:

  • Eliminate costly outsourced consulting
  • Avoid downtime with accelerated in-house solutions
  • Promote ongoing business evolution
  • Enhance staff knowledge from the inside out
  • Achieve peak profitability
  • Boost company morale

But ExecuTrain doesn’t stop there. While most training facilities disconnect with students after class, our instructors remain available to answer questions, clarify concepts, and otherwise ensure that each and every student is empowered with practical workplace knowledge. ETLI transcends standard training facilities with its unwavering dedication to achieving 100% satisfaction in both students and their employers.

ExecuTrain not only wants your company to train smart, but to work smart. When working smart, especially in groups, there are resources that may be needed, such as equipment, technology, and space. Let us take the hassle out of your hectic meeting arrangements; we have the ideal space for you, whatever your business needs may be.

Building upon a strong foundation of real-world experience, creative forward thinking, and cutting-edge training, ETLI is revolutionizing the world of business education. Only ExecuTrain of Long Island enables organizations to achieve unprecedented success by supercharging their workforce with the greatest power available – knowledge.

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