Writing Reports and Proposals


Lesson 1: Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Lesson 2: The Stages of Report Writing

This session will introduce the four stages of report writing: investigating, planning, writing, and revising.

Lesson 3: The First Stage – Investigating

The first step is to gather the information for your report. In this session will give participants some guidelines to ensure that what they gather is accurate.

Lesson 4: The Second Stage – Planning

Next, participants will learn how to plan a report based on information gathered during the first stage.

Lesson 5: The Third Stage – Writing 

This session will give participants some ways to ensure that their writing is clear, concise, complete, and correct.

Lesson 6: The Fourth Stage – Revising

In this session, participants will learn about the importance of revision, including spelling and grammar checks.

Lesson 7: Using Headings

This session will provide a brief introduction to organizing a report.


Lesson 8: Charts and Graphs

Next, participants will learn the right way to add charts and graphs to their report.

Lesson 9: The Proposal

During this session, participants will learn how writing a proposal is different from writing a report. Participants will also review the ten steps to successful proposal writing.

Lesson 10: Persuasion

This session will look at finishing touches for a report, including steps in the persuasion process, how to design your message, and how to deal with tough questions.

Lesson 11: Practical Application

To summarize all that they have learned, participants will peer edit each others’ work.

Lesson 12: Giving Credit

This final session will focus on documentation methods and styles.

Lesson 13: Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the workshop, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Price: $495.00
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