Photoshop CS3



Lesson 1: Getting started

Topic A: File types

Topic B: The Photoshop environment

Topic C: Getting help

Lesson 2: Working with image selections

Topic A: Selection techniques

Topic B: Modifying selections

Lesson 3: Working with layers

Topic A: Creating layers

Topic B: Modifying layers

Topic C: Using Type layers

Topic D: Using layer effects

Lesson 4: Adjusting images

Topic A: Image modes

Topic B: Hue/Saturation and Vibrance adjustments

Topic C: Levels adjustments

Lesson 5: Retouching images

Topic A: Repairing image defects

Topic B: Painting

Topic C: Using the Background Eraser

Topic D: Using filters

Lesson 6: Resizing images

Topic A: Image resolution

Topic B: Image canvas size

Lesson 7: Preparing finished images

Topic A: Images for Web use

Topic B: Images for print use

Topic C: Outputting images

Topic D: Printing an image

Topic E: Importing images


Lesson 1: Enhancing Images

Topic A: Create Gradient

Topic B: Retouch Images

Topic C: Adjust Tonal Range Using Adjustment Layers

Lesson 2: Working with Vector Paths

Topic A: Create Vector Paths

Topic B: Edit Paths

Lesson 3: Working with Shape Layers and Masks

Topic A: Work with Shape Layers

Topic B: Work with Masks

Topic C: Apply Special Effects to a Layer

Lesson 4: Automating Tasks

Topic A: Work with Actions

Topic B: Automate Tasks Using Adobe Bridge

Lesson 5: Working with Video Files

Topic A: Edit Video Files

Topic B: Export Video Files

Lesson 6: Integrating with Other Adobe Applications

Topic A: Integrate with Adobe® Illustrator®

Topic B: Edit a Photoshop File in Adobe® Acrobat®

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