InDesign CS4



Lesson 1: Exploring the InDesign Environment

Topic A: Identify the InDesign Interface Components

Topic B: Customize the Interface

Topic C: Use the Navigation Controls

Topic D: Set General and Interface Preferences

Lesson 2: Designing Documents

Topic A: Create a Document

Topic B: Add Text

Topic C: Add Graphical Objects

Lesson 3: Enhancing Documents

Topic A: Format Characters and Paragraphs

Topic B: Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients

Topic C: Apply Fills and Strokes

Topic D: Create and Apply Styles

Lesson 4: Working with Page Elements

Topic A: Arrange Objects

Topic B: Align Objects

Topic C: Manage Page Elements with Layers

Lesson 5: Managing Objects

Topic A: Transform Objects

Topic B: Manipulate Objects

Topic C: Thread Text Frames

Topic D: Search and Replace Content

Topic E: Edit Text

Lesson 6: Working with Tables

Topic A: Create a Table

Topic B: Modify a Table Structure

Topic C: Format a Table

Lesson 7: Finalizing Documents

Topic A: Check Documents for Errors

Topic B: Print a Document

Topic C: Package Files

Topic D: Export PDF Files for Commercial Printing

Topic E: Prepare PDF Files for Web Distribution


Lesson 1: Handling Page Elements

Topic A: Create Duplicate Items

Topic B: Handle Text Layouts

Topic C: Create Transparency

Topic D: Create Anchored Objects

Topic E: Manage a Library

Lesson 2: Managing Styles

Topic A: Import Styles from Microsoft® Word Documents

Topic B: Create Nested Styles

Topic C: Create Related Styles

Topic D: Apply Styles in a Sequence

Topic E: Manage Style Overrides

Topic F: Redefine Styles

Topic G: Break the Link to Styles

Lesson 3: Developing Complex Paths

Topic A: Create Bézier Paths

Topic B: Create Clipping Paths

Topic C: Create Compound Paths

Topic D: Create Type Outlines

Lesson 4: Administering External Files

Topic A: Import Layered Files

Topic B: Merge Data

Lesson 5: Working with an XML File

Topic A: Integrate XML Content into a Document

Topic B: Import XML Content

Topic C: Create a Snippet

Lesson 6: Creating Dynamic Documents

Topic A: Create Interactive Documents

Topic B: Insert Footnotes

Topic C: Insert Text Variables

Topic D: Create Text Conditions

Topic E: Create Document Sections

Lesson 7: Managing Long Documents

Topic A: Create a Book

Topic B: Create a Table of Contents

Topic C: Create Hyperlinks

Topic D: Create Cross-References

Topic E: Generate an Index

Lesson 8: Exporting InDesign Files in Other Formats

Topic A: Export PDF Files

Topic B: Export Files for the Web

Topic C: Export Files for Animation

Lesson 9: Adjusting Print Settings

Topic A: Manage Colors

Topic B: Preview the Print Output

Topic C: Create Print Presets

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