Illustrator CS6



Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Adobe® Illustrator® CS5

Topic A: Examine Imaging Concepts

Topic B: Explore the Interface

Topic C: Customize the Interface

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes in a Document

Topic A: Create a Document

Topic B: Draw Basic Shapes

Topic C: Save a Document

Lesson 3: Creating Custom Paths

Topic A: Draw Paths

Topic B: Modify Paths

Lesson 4: Working with Text

Topic A: Insert Text

Topic B: Flow Text on a Path

Topic C: Import Body Text

Topic D: Format Text with Styles

Topic E: Thread Text

Topic F: Apply Hyphenation

Topic G: Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 5: Working with Objects

Topic A: Import Graphics

Topic B: Manipulate Objects

Lesson 6: Enhancing Documents

Topic A: Format Objects

Topic B: Apply Strokes

Topic C: Apply Gradients

Topic D: Apply Graphic Styles

Topic E: Apply an Envelope to Text

Lesson 7: Proofing a Document

Topic A: Wrap Text

Topic B: Find and Replace Text

Topic C: Fix Spelling Errors

Lesson 8: Saving Images for the Web and Print

Topic A: Export Images for Print

Topic B: Save Images for the Web

Topic C: Save Images as PDFs


Lesson 1: Customizing the Illustrator Interface

Topic A: Set User Interface Preferences

Topic B: Work with the Grid and Guides

Topic C: Manage Workspaces

Lesson 2: Drawing Complex Illustrations

Topic A: Combine Objects to Create Complex Illustrations

Topic B: Work with Layers

Topic C: Create a Perspective Drawing

Topic D: Trace Artwork

Lesson 3: Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools

Topic A: Paint Objects with Fills, Strokes, and Gradients

Topic B: Paint Objects Using Live Paint Groups

Topic C: Paint with Custom Brushes

Topic D: Add Transparency and Blending Modes

Topic E: Apply Meshes to Objects

Topic F: Apply Patterns

Lesson 4: Customizing Colors and Swatches

Topic A: Manage Colors

Topic B: Customize Swatches

Topic C: Manage Color Groups

Topic D: Access Pantone Plus Color Libraries

Lesson 5: Formatting Type

Topic A: Set Character Formats

Topic B: Apply Advanced Formatting Options to Type

Topic C: Adjust Hyphenation

Lesson 6: Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork

Topic A: Apply Effects to an Object

Topic B: Create Graphic Styles

Topic C: Apply a Blend to an Object

Topic D: Apply a Mask to an Object

Topic E: Create Symbols

Topic F: Work with Symbol Sets and Symbolism Tools

Lesson 7: Preparing a Document for Print Output

Topic A: Set Up Artwork for Printing

Topic B: Prepare Transparent Artwork for Printing

Topic C: Manage Colors in Printing

Lesson 8: Preparing Graphics for the Web

Topic A: Create Slices and Image Maps

Topic B: Save Artwork in the SVG Format

Topic C: Save Graphics for the Web


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