Flash CS5



Lesson 1: Getting Started with Flash CS5

Topic A: Identify Components of the Flash CS5 Interface

Topic B: Customize the Flash CS5 Interface

Topic C: Introduce Rich Media Design Principles

Lesson 2: Adding Shapes, Colors, and Lines with Drawing and Painting Tools

Topic A: Identify Flash Drawing and Painting Components

Topic B: Apply and Customize Colors

Topic C: Use Drawing and Painting Tools

Topic D: Work with Interacting Objects

Lesson 3: Creating Symbols and Instances

Topic A: Create Symbols

Topic B: Create Symbol Instances

Lesson 4: Identifying Image Types

Topic A: Identify Copyright and Citation Requirements

Topic B: Compare Vector and Bitmap Images

Topic C: Optimize Bitmap Images for Flash

Lesson 5: Manipulating Objects

Topic A: Select Objects Using the Selection Tools

Topic B: Transform Objects

Topic C: Organize Objects with Layers

Lesson 6: Working with Text

Topic A: Add Text to a Document

Topic B: Create Text Fields

Lesson 7: Using Animation Basics to Create Animations

Topic A: Create Animations with Frames and Keyframes

Topic B: Create Tween Animations

Lesson 8: Getting Started with ActionScript™

Topic A: An Introduction to ActionScript

Topic B: Coding with Basic ActionScript

Topic C: Use Code Snippets


Lesson 1: Planning a Flash Project

Topic A: Understand a Workflow

Topic B: Translate Workflow Plans to Flash

Topic C: Identify Elements of a Project Plan

Lesson 2: Designing a Project

Topic A: Initiate a Project

Topic B: Create Design Patterns

Lesson 3: Managing Symbols

Topic A: Use Movie Clips

Topic B: Use Buttons

Lesson 4: Laying Out Text

Topic A: Lay Out Text in a Flash Movie

Topic B: Embed Text Fonts in a Movie

Lesson 5: Creating Advanced Animations

Topic A: Work with Inverse Kinematics

Topic B: Add Motion to Animations

Topic C: Apply 3D Transformation to an Object

Topic D: Apply Effects to an Object

Lesson 6: Adding Audio to a Movie

Topic A: Import Audio

Topic B: Control Audio

Lesson 7: Working with ActionScript™ 3.0

Topic A: Understand additional ActionScript Concepts

Topic B: Add Interactivity Using ActionScript Elements

Topic C: Use Dynamic Mask

Topic D: Work with Pre-Built Components

Lesson 8: Publishing a Movie in Different Formats

Topic A: Add Metadata to SWF Files

Topic B: Ensure Accessibility

Topic C: Create Multiple Outputs

Lesson 9: Extending Flash

Topic A: Understand JSFL

Topic B: Understand Adobe® Extension Manager CS5


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