Flash CC



Lesson 1: Getting Started with Flash CC

Topic A: Identify Components of the Flash CC Interface

Topic B: Identify Elements of a Flash Project

Topic C: Customize the Flash CC Interface

Lesson 2: Planning a Flash Project

Topic A: Establish Project Requirements and Documentation

Topic B: Implement Best Practices in Rich Media Design

Lesson 3: Creating Illustrations in Flash

Topic A: Start a New Project

Topic B: Draw Basic Shapes

Topic C: Draw Advanced Shapes

Topic D: Add Static Text

Lesson 4: Organizing the Project

Topic A: Organize the Library

Topic B: Create Visual Depth Using Layers

Topic C: Use Symbols to Organize for Reuse

Lesson 5: Importing Assets into Flash

Topic A: Import Copyrighted Material

Topic B: Import Bitmap and Vector Images

Topic C: Optimize Bitmap Images for Flash

Lesson 6: Creating Animation

Topic A: Create Frame-by-Frame Animation

Topic B: Create Tweens and Embedded Animation

Topic C: Create Motion Tween Animations

Topic D: Animate a Mask

Topic E: Create a Button Rollover

Topic F: Work with Motion Paths

Lesson 7: Adding Basic ActionScript

Topic A: Apply ActionScript to Control Animation

Topic B: Add Button Actions


Lesson 1: Getting Started with an ActionScript Programming Project

Topic A: Plan a Programming Project

Topic B: Apply ActionScript Elements

Topic C: Perform Testing and Debugging

Lesson 2: Extending the Behavior of Flash Objects

Topic A: Extend MovieClip Behavior

Topic B: Respond to Events

Lesson 3: Accessing Structured Data

Topic A: Parse XML

Topic B: Apply Arrays

Lesson 4: Adding Components for Display and User Input

Topic A: Add Components and Set Properties

Topic B: Populate Components with Content

Topic C: Respond to Item Selection in a Component

Topic D: Change the Appearance of Components

Lesson 5: Loading Media Content from External Sources

Topic A: Load Image Content

Topic B: Load Video Content

Topic C: Embed Audio Content

Lesson 6: Making Rich Media Content Accessible

Topic A: Improve Navigation for Accessibility

Topic B: Make Content Readable by a Screen Reader

Lesson 7: Publishing a Movie

Topic A: Prepare to Publish from Flash

Topic B: Edit the HTML Host Page

Topic C: Publish to Various Formats



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