Dreamweaver CS5



Lesson 1: Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Topic A: Web Basics

Topic B: The Dreamweaver Interface

Topic C: The Elements of Web Design

Topic D: Dreamweaver Help

Lesson 2: Creating a Website

Topic A: Plan the Website Project

Topic B: Use Design Tools to Plan the Website

Topic C: Set Up the Website in Dreamweaver

Lesson 3: Creating Web Pages

Topic A: Create Web Page Documents

Topic B: Add Head and Text Components to the Page

Topic C: Add Lists and Quotations

Topic D: Set Page Properties

Lesson 4: Using CSS

Topic A: Create Styles and Selectors with CSS

Topic B: Use CSS to Format a Web Page

Lesson 5: Inserting Images

Topic A: Insert Images

Topic B: Manage Image Properties with CSS

Lesson 6: Inserting Tables and Importing Content

Topic A: Table Tags and Properties

Topic B: Import External Data

Lesson 7: Creating Reusable Site Assets

Topic A: Create Reusable Site Assets

Topic B: Modify and Update Library Items

Topic C: Create and Use Page Templates

Lesson 8: Linking Web Pages

Topic A: Create Common Hyperlinks to Site Pages

Topic B: Create Links to Page Locations

Topic C: Create Email Links

Topic D: Image Maps and Linking

Topic E: Navigation and Rollovers

Lesson 9: Sending the Website to the Web Server

Topic A: Validate the Website

Topic B: Upload Files to the Web Server


Lesson 1: Working in Code View

Topic A: Use Coding Tools

Topic B: Search for and Replace Code

Topic C: Add Design Notes and Comments

Lesson 2: Formatting with Advanced CSS Techniques

Topic A: Use External Style Sheets

Topic B: Create a Layout Using CSS

Topic C: Apply Rollover Effects Using CSS

Lesson 3: Working with AP Elements

Topic A: Create AP Elements

Topic B: Control AP Elements

Lesson 4: Working with Spry Elements

Topic A: Use Spry Interface Widgets

Topic B: Use Spry Data Sets

Lesson 5: Creating a Form

Topic A: Set Up a Form

Topic B: Add Form Elements

Topic C: Validate a Form

Lesson 6: Integrating External Files with Dreamweaver

Topic A: Integrate Photoshop Images in Dreamweaver

Topic B: Insert Media Objects

Topic C: Integrate XML-Based Data


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