Crystal Reports XI



Lesson 1: Creating a Report

Topic A: Set Default Report Settings

Topic B: Specify Fields for a New Report

Topic C: Preview a Report

Topic D: Modify Field Display

Topic E: Add a Report Title

Topic F: Position Fields

Topic G: Add Fields from Other Tables

Lesson 2: Displaying Specific Report Data

Topic A: Find Data

Topic B: Sort Data

Topic C: Filter Data by a Single Criterion

Lesson 3: Grouping Report Data

Topic A: Insert a Group

Topic B: Add Summaries

Topic C: Format Summary Information

Topic D: Change Group Options

Topic E: Add a Second-Level Grouping

Topic F: Filter Records by Group

Topic G: Create a Top N Sort Group

Lesson 4: Building Formulas

Topic A: Create a Formula

Topic B: Edit a Formula

Topic C: Combine Fields by Formula

Topic D: Delete a Formula

Topic E: Filter Data by Multiple Criteria

Topic F: Modify a Filter Using an OR Operator

Topic G: Create a Parameter Field

Topic H: Account for Null Fields in a Formula

Lesson 5: Formatting Reports

Topic A: Remove White Space

Topic B: Insert Page Header/Footer Data

Topic C: Add Borders, Boxes, and Lines

Topic D: Change Field Background Color

Topic E: Change the Margins

Lesson 6: Enhancing Reports

Topic A: Add a Watermark

Topic B: Insert Objects Using Object Linking and Embedding

Topic C: Modify Formatting Based on Data Value

Topic D: Suppress Report Sections

Topic E: Insert Hyperlinks

Topic F: Hide Blank Report Sections

Lesson 7: Creating Pie Charts

Topic A: Create a Pie Chart with a Drill-Down

Topic B: Modify Chart Text

Topic C: Format a Chart

Topic D: Present a Chart by Group

Lesson 8: Distributing Data

Topic A: Export to a PDF File

Topic B: Export to a Microsoft Excel File

Topic C: Export to an Access Database File

Topic D: Export a Report Definition

Topic E: Create Mailing Labels


Lesson 1: Creating Running Totals

Topic A: Create a Running Total Field

Topic B: Modify a Running Total Field

Topic C: Create a Manual Running Total on Detail Data

Topic D: Create a Manual Running Total on Summary Data

Lesson 2: Building Cross-tabs in Your Report

Topic A: Create a Cross-tab

Topic B: Create a Specified Group Order

Topic C: Filter a Cross-tab by Group

Topic D: Change the Cross-tab Format

Topic E: Conditionally Format Rows and Columns

Topic F: Keep Groups Together

Lesson 3: Adding Subreports

Topic A: Insert a Subreport

Topic B: Link a Subreport to a Primary Report

Topic C: Edit a Subreport’s Structure

Topic D: Format a Subreport Using the Format Editor

Topic E: Share Variables Between Subreports and Primary Reports

Topic F: Create an On-demand Subreport

Lesson 4: Creating Drill-downs

Topic A: Create a Drill-down

Topic B: Create Separate Headings for Drill-down Data

Lesson 5: Enhancing Report Processing by Writing SQL Statements

Topic A: Create a Report Using SQL Queries

Topic B: Summarize Report Data Using SQL Aggregate Functions

Topic C: Create Joins Using SQL

Topic D: Create Subqueries

Topic E: Create a SQL Expression Field

Lesson 6: Charting Data

Topic A: Create a Bar Chart

Topic B: Modify a Chart

Topic C: Format a Chart

Topic D: Create a Chart Template

Topic E: Create a Top N Chart

Topic F: Create a Cross-tab Chart

Lesson 7: Reporting on Excel Data with Crystal Reports

Topic A: Create a Report Based on Excel Data

Topic B: Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data

Topic C: Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data

Lesson 8: Working with Prompts

Topic A: Create a Static Prompt

Topic B: Create a Dynamic Prompt

Lesson 9: Enhancing Report Functionality

Topic A: Group Data Hierarchically

Topic B: Create a Dynamic Image

Topic C: Create a Report Alert

Topic D: Create a Geographic Map


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