Access 2013 Advanced Day 1


You’ve covered many of the basic functions of Microsoft® Office Access® and now you’re ready to learn advanced Access features such as, database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, preparing a database for multi-user access and more. Knowledge of these features separate database professionals from the casual database users or occasional designers. Today’s training added to that which you’ve gained from the previous two days round out your Access education and provide you with marketable job skills.


To ensure your success in your course you should have experience working with Microsoft Access 2013, including a working knowledge of database design and creation, form design and creation, report design and creation, a working knowledge of database querying and the various table relationships. You can obtain this level of skill and knowledge by taking the following Logical Operations courses:

  • Microsoft® Office Access® 2013: Core Essentials
  • Microsoft® Office Access® 2013: Advanced Essentials


*Please note this is a two-day course. The price reflects the cost for both days.


Lesson 1: SQL and Microsoft Access

Lesson 2: Using the SELECT Statement

Lesson 3: Using the SQL Joins

Lesson 4: Using Subqueries

Lesson 5: Advanced Form Tasks, Part One

Lesson 6: Advanced Form Tasks, Part Two

Lesson 7: Advanced Form Tasks, Part Three

Lesson 8: Creating Split Forms

Lesson 9: Using Digital Signatures

Lesson 10: Using the Trust Center

Lesson 11: Managing COM Add-ins

Lesson 12: Customizing Access



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